How good s Uniblue for System Clean Up?

Any views to this product?

IE9 package on Microsoft on an Asus PC

value for money - offer of £20 for their clean-up and system tweaker together on at the moment?

Any risks to running this?

Thanks in advance.....DTC
18:34 Sat 07th Jan 2012
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A bunch of crap, I made the mistake of buying this program and it completely messed up my PC. You would be far better off using CCleaner which is free.
Total waste of 20 quid.
You can send me 20 quid instead, I'll willingly do nothing at all constructive to your PC for that, and I'll promise not to break it too.
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Thanks! - how do I remove it by the way as it seems to sit there annoyingly?
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On delete, I get a message saying that a folder or file is open in another program....
uninstall it, or try this

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