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We have recently bought a Humax recorder, all fixed up, and seems to be working fine. The only problem seems to be that we cannot find BBC4 or ITV3+1. Is there a way to get them? Thankful for any help
23:43 Wed 14th Dec 2011
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What model is it?
Is firmware up to date do you know?
Question Author
Hi Albags, it's a Humax PVR9300T 320 GB.
Don't know what you mean by firmware.
ITV3+1 isn't transmitted on Freeview. (It's only available via satellite).

A missing channel on any device (TV, Freeview box, PVR, etc) can often be remedied by simply rescanning the channels. (If there's a choice between 'adding' or 'replacing' channels, you confusingly need to select 'replace'; that forces the device to start completely afresh).

Otherwise missing channels are normally a sign of insufficient signal strength. An aerial booster should fix the problem (but you'll probably still need to rescan after installing it).

BBC4 should be there though (I have same model) and I believe that you will find it in the same transmission block as other BBC channels. Incidentally, one trick they don't tell you about is that IF you are recording 2 channels, it is actually possible to watch a third channel IF it is on the same transmission block as one of the the others. You'll see what I mean if you try it, because most channels will appear as restricted by recording, but if you look at the available channel list, it will show more than the two you are recording.

Anyway, as Chris says, a signal booster and a rescan will generally solve most problems. It's quite safe to do this as you would an initial (as from new when bought) scan.

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