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If I reset my PC to "Factory Settings" will I lose all my Progs,Photos,etc. Many Thanks for any replies.
18:37 Tue 11th Oct 2011
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Generally, yes.

If you restore to "factory settings" it will wipe your hard drive and take the computer back to how it first came from the shop.
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''Depending on your version of Windows and the recovery system you use, some of your settings and files may be saved when you restore your computer to factory settings. However, it is best not to rely on this so back up any files you wish to keep beforehand''
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Running Windows XP Professional,snags,is this any help?
Generally, yes.

If you restore to "factory settings" it will wipe your hard drive and take the computer back to how it first came from the shop.
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Thank you both for your replies,I don't think I will bother.
Why did you want to restore to factory settings?
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PC is running so slow it is unbelievable,I am sick of the sight of the "Egg Timer".I have tried all the Cleaning and Defragging to no avail.
Have you considered adding more RAM (memory)?
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Sorry for late reply. It already has 2gb Memory,would that not be enough? I have to go out for an hour so forgive me if I don't reply quickly.
Sooner or later XP Pro will need reloading.
Just back up to a separate drive first.
Next time, when all loaded, Ghost the drive with DriveImage XML
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Thank you all for your excellent replies.
If you Hard Drive has the space, partition it and copy over the files you need to keep, then just reinstall XP on the original partition leaving the new partition intact
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Thanks for your reply,bazwillrun.
Forgot to say, obviously you will lose installed programs, but you can reinstall those as and when needed
You CANNOT re-partition reliably the partition you are working on and just copy stuff over. There are one or two software apps you 'can' try .. but I wouldn't advise it.
Liken it to pulling the rug out from under your feet and hoping you don't fall over.
BACKUP everything first!
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Thanks again,everyone,but I've decided to restore Factory Settings,I have backed up important files,the rest is just rubbish programmes really.

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