Rearranging photos in W7

Having put a load of holiday pics onto my PC (W7 64bit), I now want to rearrange them. When I had XP I could open the folder containing the pics and drag and drop them to any position, this doesn't seem to work in 7. Can anybody offer any advice please ?
Many thanks
10:37 Sat 08th Oct 2011
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I think you need to rename them first, eg sunset 1, sunset 2 or whatever you wish to call them.
As above...

But call them sunset01 (or sunset001 if you have more than 100) otherwise they won't order properly.... if you just use one figure they'll go


and so on...
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Many thanks for such prompt replies ABers. Looks like I'm going to be busy !!
How do you want them sorted?

Windows 7 has a library concept (new in Windows 7) which allows you to view pictuers in a certain way. Go to the Windows menu in the bottom left and select "Pictures" to open up the Pictures library.

Also Windows Live Photo Gallery (free from Microsoft) allows you to look at your pictures by date and so on. It is part of Windows Live
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Thanks for the answer. I need to move some about to get them into groups - places where they were taken, not the date on which were they were taken, which seems the way that W7 seems to sort them. I think the renaming method seems to be the answer.
Why not create a folder (or sub folder) for each group of pictures?

So you might create a folder called "Holiday 2011" and within that create one folder for each place you visited.

That would save renaming all your files.

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