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I am off on holiday abroad soon and do not want to take my smart phone in case it gets lost or stolen so have decided to take an old sim unlocked mobile with me instead, but I need a free sim card that will allow me to top up as and when I need to and not on a regular monthly basis (as some cards require) as I will only want to use it for about 3 weeks, and of course it must allow calls to be made from abroad, I have looked but can only find sims that need a regular monthly top up any ideas with a link please.
10:37 Sun 25th Sep 2011
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You can buy pay-as-you-go SIM cards in Tesco Extra or any High Street phone shop. You MUST make one chargable call (or text) every three months or they cancel the SIM (not a lot of people know this). This is only an issue if you have any amount of credit because it is hard work to retrieve the credit from Vodafone.
I find that a Vodafone SIM works in the EEC. You can register a Vodaphone SIM such that you can top-up from a cash machine or from the phone itself.
Beware: If you are going to USA (and some other countries) your old phone must be "triband" or it won't work.
As many will advise it can be cheaper to purchase a SIM locally but for casual use it is hardly worth the hassle.
We find a spare phone is essential if you have a Blackberry which syncs email. You can easily run up a bill of £3000 a week if you take the phone abroad without disabling this feature. When syncing the connect charge makes it more expensive than one long call.
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Thanks for your answer methyl, after watching BBC watchdog last week about people getting bills in excess of £5000 taking a smartphone abroad I decided to just take an old (tri band) mobile, I used to have an o2 sim that you just topped up as and when you needed to and the credit you had on it lasted from year to year but that sim got lost and o2 dont seem to do it again now,

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