TV with Sky Dish but no Aerial

I am currently with Sky and I think I am paying too much per month. I only have the basic TV package, broadband and phone.

I would like to change to Talk Talk as I;ve used them in the past. The only problem is, is there is no TV Aerial on this house. I am renting at the moment as I am reluctant to pay for an aerial to be installed.

Does anyone know of any other provider or any other solution where I can cancel SKy but still receive a TV Signal with satellite dish. I don't want to resort to having an indoor aerial as they are not very good.

I have seen in the shops the Humax Freesat boxes, which can be used - would this be my only solution?

Thanks in advance
15:36 Thu 15th Sep 2011
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Freesat is your only other option regarding TV through Sat Dish. Have a look here.
Go with "Talk Talk" at your peril!!
Just cancel sky and carry on using the sky box, you'll lose all the paid for channels but you'll carry on getting the free channels fine.
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ChuckFickens - Do you know what channels I would get?
you would get channels advertised as freeview in the paper!

BUT when you try to leave Sky, they will probably have a 'better' deal for you ... *nod and wink*
a bit out of date as I believe there is ITV +1 instead of ITV2 +1
Sky Freesat is different from Freesat. This link tells you the channels available from that. Not sure if you can record on the digi with this though.
I believe that freesat from sky differs slightly in channel availability from 'normal' freesat which in turn differs slightly from freeview...I cancelled $ky but still use all the kit - saved quite a lot as I only had the basic package for which I was paying over 20 quid a month for - not worth it.

All the free sky channels listed on above site they claim 240.
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i've checked my contract and it says that the viewing card is the property of Sky. How does it work? would I have to buy once?
I just carried on using mine after I cancelled. I believe that occasionally $KY cancel cards and issue new ones. (to prevent fraud I imagine) At this point you may need to buy a new one. Cost about £20 but not sure exactly how much.

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