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Hi folks

Hopefully someone can help with this one !

I have (or rather, had !) a large selection of music on my PC. I imported this music to my iPod through iTunes and I have the music listed in my iTunes library and on my iPod.

Having successfully managed to 'lose' the music on my PC prior to backing it up onto disc, I tried to back it up via iTunes, only for iTunes to advise that it too cannot find the music as it has been 'lost' from the PC ....

My question is can I back up the music directly from my iPod onto disc or into iTunes .... all of the 'lost' music is on the iPod but, in the event I have difficulties with the iPod, then I truly will have 'lost' it for good !

System Restore has not resolved the issue ....

Thank you folks.

09:55 Mon 27th Jun 2011
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did you delete the music from your pc?? if not i should still be on the hard drive
go to search-music file type in a cd title you know you have on the pc press search it should then find a folder the music is on, if you did mange to delete it then yes it all gone as far as i know you cant transfer it back from an i pop or i phone to the pc
good answer sidkid
thats helped me too

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