Zennox GC1006 metal detector

could anybody advise where I can get a free instruction manual for a Zennox metal detector? Manyu thanks.
13:33 Mon 11th Apr 2011
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That should have read "MANY THANKS" but I have big fingers and tend to hit 2 keys together
i had a hard time finding too Media URL: http://www.topbuy.com.au/download/GC1006manualA.pdf
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First when I started my hobby of metal detecting, I do not know that there is a device called metal detector that can help me to have easier access to the gold metal and helps me sava time, then one of my friends told me about this device, I am so curious and want to find a good equippment to help me so I search the internet and find the one that I am satisfied with at http://www.detectorall.com and by now everything goes on well and I have find some gold coins by using such kind of gold metal detector.

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