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Hi All
I know my last few questions have all been about the Ipod Touch but I'm a complete novice to one and the Ipod instructions are not the best!!
Anyway, I was out and about yesterday with my Ipod Touch in my pocket when we went to the pub. The pub had free wi-fi so I thought I'd connect to catch up on the footy scores.
I found the connection, connected to their router, checked in the wi-fi settings that I was connected (the router name was ticked) but every time I tried to connect to the internet, it kept telling me that Safari was not connect to the the internet!! I also tried it a little later at another free wi-fi place but still the same???
Any ideas please my fellow Answerbankers?
Thank you
15:03 Sun 16th Jan 2011
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Have you checked in settings that Wi fi is on?
you may have been sitting in a part of the pub that had a poor signal, I have wifi but in my kitchen I can all but lose the signal.
My sons Ipod touch connects automatically.
When a lot of place advertise free wi-fi you still need to have a security key to access the network..did you ask the places you were at if you could use their wi-fi and if you needed a key?
they may have had a narrow bandwidth, if too many people are using the internet, it would say you are connected but due to the volume of people you would not get anything to download
* straight over my head
Question Author
Settings were all fine and it did not need a pass key to connect ( no padlock sign next router name)
Try a reset of your network settings. Tap Settings, General, Reset, Reset Network Settings next time you are in range
Question Author
Ok thanks, I will give that a try next time. Thank you for all you answer. Brilliant as ever!
One other thought, many pubs provide "free" wifi via The Cloud service. This is a free service to O2 customers (I'm not sure about the other providers). Here you have to register your mobile number on the Cloud website before you can use the service. There is then no password when joining in a pub, it reads your phone number to authorise. This won't work with an iPod, as you have no number

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