Text messages on my PC

Is it possible send and receive TEXTs on my PC, as well as my iphone ?
09:19 Mon 09th Jan 2012
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of course its called MSN messenger (windows live).
there are others
You can send texts with Windows Live, but not receive them.
Question Author
Thanks you two. I had heard of MSN Messenger but I wasn't quite sure what it was....I know now !
hc4361 its called chat, two way if your connected
if the person is not connected they will reply when there are just like a mobile its either on or off
Deggers, does that work between pc and mobile phone?
yeh your right
Genuine mobile SMS texts may be difficult to get on your PC. Your PC would need to have a telephone number in order for the text to be routed there. Maybe a VoIP phone might offer a solution of the text were directed to your PC instead ? But I'm only guessing.

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