facebook timeline cover image dimensions

So, is it 850x315px or 851x315px? No guesswork please, please only reply if you are certain. No links either please - for every link saying 850 I can find another one saying 851, and vice versa. I only want the hard facts and only if you're certain. Thanks a lot:) ~ On another note: Happy Holidays, ABers!
23:17 Fri 23rd Dec 2011
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Hi AlBags, boy I'm glad somebody dared to answer me, lol - I sounded ^^really grumpy there didn't I =:0 It's just I had been googling for hours and every other page I saw said 850 and every other said 851 and at the same time I wanted to ask here I also dreaded being flooded with links to the same sites I had just been on a drawn-out wild goose chase to. Thank you AlBags for defying my grumpiness:)

I'll go have a look at the community but you see I'm 99,99% certain they don't tell. I have no idea why. But I reckon there wouldn't be all this wild speculation going on if FB had clearly stated the dimensions. Nevertheless, I'll have a look. Thanks a lot and Happy Holidays to you!
Hey! : )

Off to bed soon (after catching up with some recordings on Sky box)
I sound guumpy-grots sometimes : )

Does it NEED to be that close? When I resize a DVD menu page to 854x480 .. I just get it close enough! (So it displays full PAL widescreen format)

Happy Hols too : ) Al.
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Oh yeah that's right, I forgot to say "...and puh-LEASE no opinions as to whether it really NEEDS to be that close" >>>>>>>>>>

...he he he! ;)

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