I want to hide postings from a friend on facebook as she posts about 100 a day but I do not want to remove her completely, can anyone please tell me how to do this? It was easy on the "old" facebook but I cannot work out how to do it on the new one!
09:19 Sun 09th Oct 2011
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on the right hand side of her posting there should be a drop down menu, there should be a "hide posts" option

this will hide "all" posts so be aware
if you look in your News Feed, hover the mouse to the right of one of their posts and you'll see a little arrow appear. click on it, then select one of the unsubscribe options.

it's not me, is it? ;o)
(pah.. too slow!)
beej, my son has just asked me to stop posting on his wall.. I haven't, I've just stuffed up his news feed!
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Sorry but this "hide posts" option does not show !!
You have to hover over the post to the top right of the individual post, a little grey X will appear, you click on it.
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Boxtops , all it says in this box is "remove from friends" or "report story or spam" Sorry am I being stupid ?

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