Car cigarette lighter to normal plug

Is there any adaptor you can get that can use the cigarette lighter of a car, but allow you to plug a normal plug into it?
15:40 Mon 02nd Mar 2009
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Probably not, as batteries are 12 volt DC and things with plugs are 240 Volt AC - totally different power supplies
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that's what I'm was afraid of. Was hoping there was some sort of converter you could get...
yes you can get a transformer from maplins or rummage around in a cash converter shop so long as you get it 12v stepdown from 240 and the output is correct for the lighter but really is it worth al the bother
matches-lighter ??
I assume that you mean that you want to power a mains device from the cigarette lighter socket of your car (the opposite of alan-r's assumption.

You can get a combined inverter/step-up transformer here: atteries/index1.html
as both rojash and AC said above you can get mains inverters that will enable youo to run mains equipment from a 12v car supply, but be very careful about the wattage on them.

the 150watt ones would only enable you to run a very low powered mains device, I have a laptop power supply here that says it draws 1.7Amps at 240v so that would be just over 400w... well over double what the 150watt inverters could supply!

Well, the socket is supposed to be an aid to smoking...
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thank you all for you help! Very much appreciated!!!

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