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Hi All
I'm getting Ipod touch for xmas and my question is, can I transfer all my wma and wmv files inot itunes without having to rip them all again?
I currently have a mp3 player with about 8g worth of tunes on it with took an age to rip and transfer, I don't fancy doing it again. The same for my wmv files, can I convert them to run in itunes?
Thanks in advance
19:39 Sun 05th Dec 2010
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Ipods are not licensed to play wma or wmv files.
If your wma files are unprotected you can import them to your itunes library, automatically converting them to your chosen format (256 AAC is best). You will have to convert your wmv files before adding them to your library
For wma audio, iTunes can help you convert wma to mp3 automatically, and then you can upload them to your iPod.

For wmv video, iPod supports only mp4 video, you need to convert it to mp4 video at first. And here is a step by step guide will help you how to convert the video.
Hope it helps. Contact me if you have any other question.
You can use the third party software iTouch to Mac Transfer. All-in-one iPod Touch to Mac, iTouch to iTunes, iTouch to iTouch, Mac to iTouch transfer, Mac iPod to iPod/Computer/iTunes Transfer is a leading Mac iPod transfer software for Mac users to transfer music and video between iTouch and Mac, iTouch and iTunes.

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