Firefox Not Opening PDF Links

What do I need to install to get Firefox 3.5.3 on my Mac to open PDF files within the browser?
When I click on a link to open a PDF I just get a white blank page.
I then have to use Safari to open the PDF link.

Which Add-on should I install with Firefox to view PDFs?

20:35 Fri 09th Oct 2009
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Don't know about Macs but in Windows you open the pdf viewer progam and go to its settings.
Find the Internet setting and tick Show Pdf in Browser.
Question Author
Thanks for the replies rojash and beso.

I've now installed the pdfdownload thing as listed by rojash.
Not quite what I wanted as the pdf now opens in the Apple Preview application and not within the Firefox browser.
It's still a good work around though.

I'll probably just stick to Safari for viewing web sites with PDF links.

Thanks for your help folks.
PDF Download isn't really what you want.

You want this:
Question Author
Thanks fo3nix.
That's all the links to PDFs now opening in the Firefox browser window.
Just what I was looking for, magic.


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