Replacing DVD drive

My DVD drive is not recognising -R disks seems OK with +R though. Time to update it I think.

Is it easy? I can buy a drive for under �20 it seems.
I guess I just unscrew and unplug and replace.
It is an IDE so I need to get the same i think.
What about the driver? Do I uninstall the old one first? Is it straight forward?

18:54 Sat 03rd Jan 2009
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IT's even easier than you've made out.

Buy a new IDE DVD drive... remove old one... check the little jumper on the back to see if it's set to be a slave or master and set the new one to the same. put new drive in and turn on computer.

No playing about with drivers needed

(hint.... red stripe on IDE cable goes closest to the power plug)
Question Author
Wow quick or what? Thanks you have reassured me.
Question Author
New DVD drive installed and working fine. Thanks a lot Chuck for reasuurance.

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