How do I create a tick on my keyboard

As\above is it possible to create a tick with the keyboard?
20:34 Tue 13th Nov 2007
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In Windows XP

Start - all programs - accessories - system tools - character map
then what? i'm curious too, but not very computer compenent.
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Many thanks for a speedy answer
Ethel- I tried character map too, but was still unable to find the tick icon- which font is it under?
Just select insert at top of word tool bar and then symbol and you will find a tick there.
Boo -it's in Windings


And just in case you mean a tick as in the sound of a typewriter for your keyboard.... go to
for a very easy and simple free program to give you a choice of different sounds.
Simple, click on webdings, hit 'a' on keyboard, result a tick.

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