How do I change keyboard symbol settings?

On my keyboard the speech marks (") and (@) buttons work in reverse when pressed i.e when pressing shift 2 I get the @ sign instead of speech marks. \can anyone tell me how to change it. I am on windows vista if that makes a difference!
23:32 Wed 06th Jun 2007
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Sounds like you're set up for a US keyboard. To change to your UK keyboard, check out this
Try holding down:

Left Alt - left shift - prtscn

at the same time
change to uk settings
start,settings,control panel
then select regional and language options
click on language tab
and click on details button
select the option-english(united kingdom)
fron the default input langage- drop down menu
then click the english (united states)option in the installed service box and click the remove button, click ok to confirm
the change, and hey presto you should be back to uk settings
hope this helps
Yay! Cheers Jenellcas.
New keyboard and
I'd forgot how to change it to jolly olde English.

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