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Just bought new laptop for the other half..My PC has Windows XP Hers has Windows 7. Could I just download XP onto laptop? Thanks in advance John
11:54 Sat 03rd Mar 2012
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And why would you want to - W7 is much better.
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And why would you want to - W7 is much better.
Why would you want to?

But if you have a windows XP CD which isn't locked to a certain brand, a spare windows XP license and if there are XP hardware drivers available for every bit of hardware in the laptop then yes you can.
If you wonder why I said no, and chuckie said yes, it's because I answered the question you asked, whereas he answered the question that he figured that you meant to ask.
Although we both agreed on the why would you want to aspect :)

Windows7 is far superior to XP and it's not so significantly different to use that there should be a problem getting used to it.
why is it superior ? i cant find anything in win 7 thats any better than xp
if you mean security well i had no probs with that on all the 10 years ive had with xp (and using the freebie stuff)
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I only asked because (a) I'm rubbish on computers but manage to struggle along on XP and (B) her indoors is 10 times worse,but if she had XP on her laptop it would be a bit easier! I just don't know how to get around win 7, but it looks like I'm stuck with it... Thanks for the replies, most helpful.. John
IMO win XP was a very stable OS and I enjoyed using it.....having said that although I am just an old Silver Surfer and only moderately computer competant I really took to Win 7 from the start and wouldn't like to go back to 7 is much much better than XP.....

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