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I have just spent 20 minutes composing a letter on a website which, when I tried to 'send' it said that I had been timed out, and would need to log in again etc. etc. It also said that any information would be lost etc. Is this true? Is there any way I can recover this information? It was written from memory, and was well composed. I don't know that my second attempt will be as good!For info, I am still on line, ans suppose that I could go back, but then just get 'page has expired ....'
21:37 Thu 05th Jan 2012
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No, it just showed 'page expired' etc. I have just spent a further 20+ minutes attempting a retype, but I'm sure itsnot as good!
This is why you should always type things like that on say Notepad, then just cut and paste it into your mail. It doesn't help you now but is worth remembering for the future.

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