HP Pavilion p6-2022uk

Does anyone know if this computer has built in speakers?
I can't find anything and there is no sound at all.

I thought I'd ask all you clever people before I make a fool of myself back at the shop.
10:23 Sun 04th Dec 2011
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As far as I can see it is a desktop computer, so it wont have speakers built in (apart from a small one to emit beeps if anything goes wrong).

So you need to buy some speakers.

You can get basic computer speakers for £5 upwards from tesco and other supermarkets, though it may be worth paying a little more to get some decent sound.
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Thanks VHG.
I had a feeling that was the case but thanks for verifying it.
I have an HP Pavilion 'slimline' and bought a pair of Advent mains powered speakers from either Curry's or PC World for about £12.

Check to ensure that you have a 'sound card' in your comp; if it's got an outlet for headphones then I believe it will have.

As VHG has said, you can get speakers from as low as a fiver and it's a simple matter to plug them into the headphone socket.



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