How do I send a message by Windows Mail?

I have tried to send e-mails to companies who use Windows mail, but I am unable to send them. I get error message Failed 'lost smtp could not be found, please verify you have entered server name correctly'. Pop3 LAN. Is there something I should have to enable me to use this feature? I have windows vista.
21:18 Tue 04th Oct 2011
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Which email provider are you with, AYG? (That's the bit after the @ sign in your email address, which might well be your ISP).
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Buenchico, so sorry I haven't answered before, I am using o2 email. Not a clue what to do.
I've never worked out how to do it either, askyourgran.
I don't bother trying now- I just copy and paste the email address from the Windows Mail into my own email package and then type and send the message
Question Author
I never thought of that factor30. Thanks
Yes, I do that, too, factor - I don't want Windows Mail sending my emails, I'd rather do from my own email account, then I get to keep a copy in my Sent box.
I'm guessing that you've not configured Window Mail to work with your o2 account. Here's how to do it:

Go to Start > All Programs > Windows Mail

Click Tools > Accounts

Click Add > Mail > Next

Then follow the instructions which appear.

When you're asked for your incoming (POP3) server, enter

When you're asked for your outgoing (SMTP) server, enter

Your username should be entered as your FULL o2 email address (not just the bit before the @ sign).

Your password should be your normal o2 password.

Put a tick alongside 'My server requires authentication'. (You might encounter that bit as a question, asking if authentication is required. If so, select 'Yes'). Click on 'Settings' and enter your FULL email address as your username and your usual password.

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Thanks Chris, I haven't been able to use Windows mail before I'd no idea how to do it, maybe I won't use it much but it is set up now. Thanks again.

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