Hurry Bolt Pulled-Up And Won Nothing In The Relay!

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willbewhatiwill | 22:04 Sat 12th Aug 2017 | Sport
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Hurry. There is justice in sports.


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What an absolute victory for the British and NI team

What an absolute shame this thread is.
Question Author
Shame not to follow the crowd? Rubbish.
Question Author
Talbot: "Meh"
Same to you, sunshine.
Well, you must be on something because you are talking absolute garbage!!
I wonder how fast you can run back under your bridge Willbe- for you are indeed a troll-fol-de-rol, if ever I saw one, and not a very good one at that :/
Question Author
Yes, Talbot is talking garbage and gibberish.
Question Author
Troll, because Bolt is not the 'greatest athlete ever', IMO. Speak for yourself.
I personally don't know if he is or he isn't, I don't care either, however only troll would start a spiteful and pointless thread like this geared towards ticking off a whole hoard of people for no good reason, THAT is why you're a troll 'sunshine'.
I'm confused, why would any of you be bothered what will opinion is ?
I did say I'd ignore, but am answering Anne here - it's far greater than the sum of this thread Anne.

Familiarise yourself with the OP's history if you can possibly bear it.
I've seen his threads M. They make no sense , just endless drivel I don't even read .
Unlike Will, if I'm watching sport I'm happy to see the best individual/team win.

Yes, if I'm watching Test cricket I want to see England win but there's also pleasure to be had from watching Shane Warne, Muttiah Muralitharan or Michael Holding destroying the English batting, and from seeing Garfield Sobers or Muttiah Muralitharan make mincemeat of England's bowlers.

For the record though, I wouldn't rate Bolt as 'the greatest athlete of all time'. My own selection would be someone who, during his career, held the World record at 2k, 3k, 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k, the half marathon, 25k, 30k and the marathon (as well as 'non metric' titles, such as the mile and the one hour run): Haile Gebrselassie .
Now that is a man who will never be forgotten O:-)
Looks to a latecomer that a difference of opinion has turned into a rather nasty mob trying to outdo each other with insults about another member without overstepping the mark themselves.

It could all just be ignored.
^^^ Erratum:
Not that it's particularly important but I do know that Muttiah Muralitharan isn't a great batsman. I should have put Sachin Tendulkar in there. (It's either too much booze or too little!)
Which National team fielded a father and son partnership playing cricket?


Miandad. :))
a sad way to end such a magnificent career !
what a twisted outlook you have, how is it "justice" what are you on about?

Will appears to be taking a little rest from AB atm.

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Hurry Bolt Pulled-Up And Won Nothing In The Relay!

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