Chest protector for awkward size...?

Ok.. I have a very small back and rather large cup (28FF)... Bras are hard enough to find (I often have to compromise with a 30F), but looking for a chest protector is near enough impossible.

I think (if I've worked it out right), my cups are about the equivalent of a 34C... so could I get away with a chest protector designed for a 34C and then alter the back to fit properly? And does this equate to a medium or large protector? Or does anyone else have a solution that would work for me? Last time I got a sports bra I had to squash in and it was really uncomfortable...

Really need this soon, so any help will be much appreciated.
20:33 Tue 10th Apr 2012
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You don't say what sport it is you want it designed for, so with that in mind, is this any good to you?
There's a telephone number so you can at least ask about specific requirements, sizing etc:

Only 1 answer

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