Just Too Much ... =0(

This is just too much.

SkySports 4 are showing ... cricket !!

Well, I think so. There are some guys standing still in a field.

They're wearing hats.

And when has the netball been bumped to? ... 3.00am !!!

Okay, as it happens - this week - I will be up at that time, cos I'll be getting ready to go to the airport.

But, come on guys ... this is just too much.
21:08 Thu 29th Mar 2012
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I do not understand the concept of "too much cricket"; can you explain?
Question Author
jno ...

"too much cricket"

You know ... any!

(if it takes the place of my one wekkly teeny weeny telly treat!)

Phil ... oh, great.

And anyway, what about the Whippets !!
Have a good 'oliday JJ
Question Author
Thanks, shoota.

The night before I leave, I'm supposed to be chilling out with a glass of wine and the netball on Sky. And what have I got? Cricket !!!
Maybe they need to spice it up a bit jj, in order to warrant a prime time slot.

Naked Netball. Now that WOULD attract an audience!
You are lucky jj I've a choice of footy or darts. At least you are going on our jollies.
Question Author
They need to spice it up by making it a fast moving, skilful game.

Oh, hang on ... that's what it already is!

AYG ... that's a grim choice.
JJ...get packing !!..have a lurvleee time !!! come back to us safe !!
Question Author
I have to wait another three hours to see the netball ...

... and all because of the cricket.
Do you have any interests beside netball? It does seem to occupy your thoughts quite a bit!

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