old firm?

old firm game tomorrow at ibrox, is it possible to watch it on pc . tia
23:57 Sat 24th Mar 2012
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It will be shown on here anne.

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thanks trt. :)
OH and his bro are going to the pub to watch it on the big screen!
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box. i hope their team win :)
Sweepstake on how many arrests?
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dt, that will depend on how many" english casuals" are at the game.
so do the scottish casuals at Man U games drive the arrests there, anne....come to think of it, I know one who was arrested at a home game - must be the company I keep!
3-0 to Rangers at the moment. Celtic down to 9 men
3-1 now. Rangers down to 10 men
now 3-2, 2 minutes to go.
I presume it's the usual delightful match.
Roll on full time and the news headlines for the number of arrests.
sounds like they are arresting them on the pitch, so to speak.....
Sorry to disappoint everyone but the arrests total was only 17, all bar one for very minor offences. OF games rarely produce trouble, it is conflict in and outside the pubs and clubs up and down the country that produces the arrests. More a societal problem than an OF one, they just use the game as an excuse for their behaviours.

On another note, will Neil Lennon ever lose a game gracefully without trying to blame everyone but HIMSELF? This sort of nonsense fuels the hard of thinking and their paranoia gene.
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