Mavericks v Thunder

Tonight's SuperLeague fixture is

Herfordshire Mavericks v Northern Thunder

Thunder are currently top of the table, and Mavericks are third, so I would guess this will be the game featured on SkySports4 later this week.

Should be a storming game.

Gary and Phil Neville will probably travel down to watch their sister Tracey lead Thunder.

Who's going to win? It's really, really hard to call. Thunder and Surrey Storm have 18 points, at the top of the SuperLeague. They're having a great season. But Mavericks, on 12, are playing in their Hertfordshire stronghold at the Hatfield Sports Village. Thunder are so, so strong, but ... okay, let's go with Mavericks.
09:47 Mon 05th Mar 2012
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is this a weekend match jj
Yea, but what about the Wippets ?
Question Author
owdhamer ... it's not a weekend match ... it's "tonight's fixture"


I don't think the Whippets are playing this week, tonyav. Obviously, if they do ... you'll find out about it here!

Question Author
I've just seen that Man Utd were down in North London yesterday. So the Neville's might've been down in the Hertfordshire/North London area yestarday, and stayed down for tonight's netball.

I wonder what they will do today, if they are there.

There's lots to see and do in Hertfordshire.

(okay, I just made that up, coz I don't often get as far north as Hertfordshire, but I'm sure there will be lots of things to do)

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