Who is lighting the Olympic flame

Do we know who is lighting the flame at the actual opening ceremony?

I personally would like to see Sir Steve Redgrave do it
10:30 Thu 01st Mar 2012
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Thought is was going to be Steve Redgrave......might be wrong though
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Thought is was going to be Steve Redgrave......might be wrong though
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Well its really only right that it should be
I doubt anyone will ever achieve what he did
I thought The Ed might've got that gig !
It`s being lit on May 10th at the Temple of Hera in Olympia. I don`t know who`s lighting it though. Do they blow it out and re-light it then? (I`ve never watched an opening ceremony)
The flame ... not the torch.
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No they will keep the flame lit in London throughout the games and then return it to Athens when the games are done
Not sure if they keep the flame lit in Athens whilst a flame from it is sent to the country hosting that years games.
Its all very symbolic really
Steve Redgrave is an out and out snob. He opened a new sports arena in our town and spoke to no-one except the Mayor. Wouldn't sign any autographs. He was there for about 15 mins, had a cup tea and left £10k richer. What a waste of money.

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