To late now but

The fa are going to charge the city player over incident in game against the mighty Spurs .It wont change the result but if he is guilty the as he did afffect the result of the game then should spurs get the points or at least a replay .I watched Spurs getting beat many many times but sundays was different.
22:31 Mon 23rd Jan 2012
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How can anyone say whether it affected the result. Yes, he took the penalty a bit later but someone else might have scored it if he hadn't been there.
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If he had been off he could not have be in a fair tussle with ledley king to get a dubious pen.
But someone else might have been there! Playing with 10 men may have caused City to raise their game and they might have scored 4. We'll never know
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agree we will never know but stiil Spurs will feel hard done by and it will be a long way back to get in the title chase .I do honestly think they are a better side than the side that got a bad decision in their favour yesterday .Never thought I d say it but hope its man utdwho win the title if it can be the Spurs .
I for one think he should have walked and would be quite happy to see a replay, and another replay and another replay until Spurs won that fixture.

But never going to happen... Football is full of 'if, buts and maybes' there's very little that can be done after the fact except for the charges by the FA brought to the offending player.
It may galvanise Spurs. They are a good side.
^I agree, the league is far from over. plenty more twists and turns to had I'm sure. (sorry for the cliché)
As long as Spurs don't win it I'll be happy.
As with most red cards and especially retrospective bans such as the one Baleotelli should receive, it is not the team who are the opponents on the day who get any advantage. It is the teams in the following fixtures.

Would you support a rule change that a 3 match ban for a red card should be the next two matches and the last one carries to the fixture when the same two teams meet again. That would mean the team that were the 'victim' of fouls/cheating/getting players injurred would reap some of the advantage of the offending player not being allowed to play.
Balotelli will no doubt be punished,deservedly so...He is young,so we should cut him some slack.

There were some tasty tackles on him,especially by Scott Parker,and Balotelli was giving as good as he got!

SuperMario is wonderful to watch!..the Prem needs his skills!
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-- answer removed -- on the wine gums,dtgblue?..gettin" a little maudlin
^^^^ LOL
I am a big fan of Balotelli and he is very skillful on the field and entertaining off it. Football needs player like him, he is a 'character'.

But the foul on Parker was deliberate. It was not a natural motion and accidental, he knew the player was down and the back heel studs in the face was meant. He seemed genuinely apologetic afterwards, but the initial, spur of the moment action was nasty and should be punished.

He is young, and he will learn, and hopefully entertain us for many more seasons - without this wrecklessness.
copy that,Gromit!
I was at the game and didn't think he deserved to be even booked. His team mates went to him afterwards and he just gave an expression of, I have done nothing wrong. Trial by television?
weecalf, get a ticket sit there in the freezing cold, watch the game, form an opinion and then talk about it
yes a lot of robust defending around Balotelli..Spurs were only to aware of the danger he posed..and in a flash he reacted in kind..there was definitely a "bit of afters"..but the game was balanced on a knife edge,both Teams thought they could "nick it"..Impetuosity by Mario,and giving as good as he got!..cracking Match though!..perhaps 2-2 would have been fair,but hey!
only *too* aware!

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