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I know very little about horse racing but with the Grand National coming up I've been given a tip but don't know how to put a bet on.
What does it mean when you put it on 'each way'? I know what it means if I put it on the nose.
If I want to put on £10 each way how much will that be?
They tell me my horse is 14 to one at the mo.

22:52 Tue 10th Apr 2012
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Each way means you are backing £10 to win and £10 pounds if the horse gets placed (in the National this means 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th minimum - sometimes 5th as well). It will cost you £20. At 14 to 1 you will get £140 if it wins plus about £35 for the place. This means altogether £175 if it wins plus £20 stake back, and £35 plus £10 stake back if it is 2nd 3 rd or 4th....
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£10 each way is £10 pound for the win and £10 for the place that is a total of £20 For special races such as the GN most bookies print speial forms which are basically tick sheets, most bookies are more then willing to rxplain after all they want your money
A very popular way of betting, this is simply a 'Win' bet and a 'Place' bet on the same horse.

To place a £2 'each way' bet on horse number 4 say "£2 each way on 4".

Please note this will cost you £4 as a £2 each way bet is the equivalent of 2 bets- a bit to win and a bet to place.
that is special forms
Each way means you are backing £10 to win and £10 pounds if the horse gets placed (in the National this means 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th minimum - sometimes 5th as well). It will cost you £20. At 14 to 1 you will get £140 if it wins plus about £35 for the place. This means altogether £175 if it wins plus £20 stake back, and £35 plus £10 stake back if it is 2nd 3 rd or 4th. And all gone if it does not come in.
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H B, Explained very wejj I think I understand now. ThanQ too Paddy and Z M.

WOW! I'm going to be rolling in it..... I'll let you know what happens. :o)

Only if you win Jem. In the GN any horse can win if it can keep on it's feet
buy a couple of bottles chardonnay a sure winner
Question Author
Only if Paddy you mean !""When i win" we must think positive eh?


Sorry about the double jj folks a senior moment i'm afraid.
Good luck jem. I will have my usual £1 e.w. on two or three in the GN. But no idea what yet. Just hope they all get round safe.
You don't have to go into a betting shop jem, you can do it on line. Just go on to Ladbroke's website and take it from there. It is very easy, sometimes I think, too easy. I have put £5 to win on Chicago Grey and when I did it it was 25 to 1. Don't expect to win, but it is fun. Stoke tipped it to win a couple of weeks ago. Be nice if he is right.

The National is the biggest horse race lottery, 40 horses and a lot of very tough fences. Don't spend it just yet!

By the way, what was the tip? I'll swap you as i've had one too, currently at 12/1. Won't tell anybody, honest.
Jem- If you do bet online you're likely to get a free introductory bet. Whatever you deposit they usually match for newcomer. ie you pay £10 and you get the other part of your each way bet free. Shop around at Ladbrokes, Corals, Paddy Power, William Hill etc for the best intro offer.
I would like to know all the tips. I have given you mine, albeit really stoke's so how about spreading the news around. It won't make any difference to the odds as long as you get your bet on right away.
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Starbi, that was my tip too from Stoke & I saw it at 25-1 on line at Ladbrooks but there was a prob. so I left it and forgot it.My friends H
(a betting man) mentioned this horse too so I thought it must be lucky. Yep, Chigago Grey.

I also fancy Chicago Grey 12/1 with weight advantage but more so Planet of Sound at 25/1, Good Form, Good Jockey and Good Trainer.

Note: Paddy Power "place £10 in bets and receive free £20 bet"
If you go to a race meeting, you may choose to bet on the Tote. Most people who visit racecourses for fun, as a day out, do so. Beware! The Tote works on a completely different system to bookmakers and it doesn't pay a guaranteed quarter the odds for a place; the place odds might be a tenth or a quarter or any fraction of the win odds but what they are varies from minute to minute and horse to horse.(That's because of the way the Tote operates)So there's no guarantee, with each way on the Tote, that, if your horse finishes second your winnings will cover your loss on the 'win' part of your bet, whatever odds the horse started the race at with the bookmakers or the Tote
Don't like the's cruel.
i fancy a bit on giles cross
My early tips are Always Right and Killyglen
The best tip I can offer,when it comes to betting on The Grand don"t bother,and save yourself money..

It is nothing more than a Bookies windfall..they love it.
Most punters have no clue have what they are doing,being occasional betters,sucked in by the glamour and TV/Press hype.The size of the Field/number of Horses racing,and the gruelling,some say cruel,test of/accurate timing by Horse and Jockey(jumping of massive fences,positioning in race)..added to which,a Horse can be brought down,through no fault of Horse or Jockey,simply by colliding,or running into the path of another fallen Mount.

These factors,and many more,make it nigh on impossible to pick a winner in the Grand I say,Jemisa,save your money..

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