Violent conduct towards coaching staff - should it receive a heftier punishment?

Is Genaro Gattuso's vile attack on Spurs coach Joe Jordan being mistaken as "passion"? Do you believe that the ex-AC Milan player really uttered an "ethnic slur" as Guttuso's agent has claimed? Should a ban for his conduct also apply to domestic league football, not just the Champions League?

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Should violent conduct towards coaching staff receive heftier punishments?

A. Yes, it should not only apply to a single league or competition, but all of them.
84.85% (28 votes)
B. No, the current system is fine.
15.15% (5 votes)

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15:42 Thu 17th Feb 2011
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You know someone will come in and say you've missed an option...haha
should be banned for 6 months.
i remember paolo di canio in the 90's with his ban for pushing the referee.
An assault on another person is a criminal offence. Why do footballers think they can get away with it?

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