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Hi All
Does anyone know what happens when a game is called off and you have a number of players in your fantasy football?
For example I have Vidic, Nani and Rooney in my premier league fantasy football and obviously with the Blackpool game called off I'm not going to get any points
13:11 Sun 05th Dec 2010
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the match will be played later in the season so you will have a chance to earn the points then
For the one that your playing... as the 'game-week' will be classed as a normal game-week then your auto subs will be used.

It will make no difference the fact it was postponed. just like if no match was scheduled for your players that week or even not used.

I hope you have strong subs bench.
they will get 0 points as the game be re-scheduled for a later date.
wilkesneil, he knows that, as he stated in his Q.

Further to my earlier reply if you keep the players then they will accumulate the points when the re-scheduled game is played as both Man U and Blackpool players will have two games within a 'game-week.'

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