Another terrific win for the Gooners. Should be in Champions' League next season.
22:30 Mon 12th Mar 2012
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Matter of opinion...
All those who got on wenger's back should hang their heads in shame.
Don't get too carried away Chelsea are still biting at the heels for Champs league spot
A primary school teacher I knew was playing charades with her charges, the theme being football teams. She patted her hip and was about to put on a witch's hat (Ipswich) but before the hat went on the kids all shouted "Arsenal"
Poor old Spurs! I can see them finishing 5th again.
They were absolutely flying until all the England talk began and all that hard work could well be in vain. It was only a month or so ago that they were nipping at Man Utd's heels and 10 points clear of Arsenal.
I really do believe that Spurs will finish third this season with or without 'Arry at the helm, I have to agree the England situation is a great distraction.

You can't predict the winner of the Prem... ? at the mo..
Some good tussles all over the prem league.

Mancini has said that he believes the Manchester derby will decide the prem league and a couple of games back I would have agreed with him but I have a feeling that the wheels could come off at City. Chelsea could take points off of them next week and Tevez's return and Balotelli can only be further distractions.
They also have to play Arsenal Mattk, that wont be easy for a win or draw. Man Utd have a much better run in but, no game is a win situation at this time of the league!
come on you spurs .you lot were lucky last night ,you had the ref in ya back pocket and cry baby rvp
For someone who,on average,posts 14 answers per year,I suggest you give
slightly more thought to your football comments.

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