If your teams rivals are playing do you want them to lose every time, even in European competition?

I do, and don't understand why some 'fans' would want their rivals to win ANY game
22:29 Tue 06th Mar 2012
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I like to see the uk teams do well in europe :)
Phil ... that "sexy rugby" video is totally unrealistic.

When shaking hands, no one EVER looks down at your opponents hand ...

You stare them out !!!

Eye to eye.

First one to break eye contact loses the game.

You burn your superiority into the back of their minds.

You win the game before it even starts.

You let your opponent know that ...

Oh, sorry ... got a bit carried away there.
You hold their hand, look into their eyes, and give them that smile that says ...

"You girls are in SO much trouble today!"


Okay, I'll stop now.
You're right jj, it was totally unrealistic.

They only had two players in the front row of the scrum, there should obviously be three!

Shame I'll never get to ref one of their games.....

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