how much do vicars get paid?

i am talking your average british vicar.
how much?
00:58 Mon 13th Aug 2007
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Around �17,000 per annum.
Do they get double time on Sundays and Christmas day Ethel?

Curates: �14,680-�15,820
Parish clergy (e.g. vicar): �16,420
Cathedral-based canons: �20,200
Junior bishops: �24,790
Diocesan bishops: �30,120
Archbishop of Canterbury: �55,660

Although vicars collect fees for conducting weddings and funerals, these go to the diocese to fund stipends.
I suppose it depends how much the chore from the collection plate every sunday.
Not really, it all goes into the church accounts and a payment is made to the diocese every month. The salary is then paid by the dioces to the Vicar. Any additional funds are for the running/maintenance of the church or for the diocese coffers, not the vicar.
They say money is the root of all evil!! they shouldnt soil their hands with it also they should all be prosecuted for misleading the public!!

Blood load of hypocrites!!!
They do get a lovely house to go with it, too.
Well they get to live in it for a bit, until the bish makes them move to another parish. The nicety of the house depends on the location of the church.
I can only go on the houses I have seen, Oct.

The vicar I knew when I was a kid (my parents were in with the church back then) was gorgeous. The Reverend who married my ex hubby & I also had a splendid des res. A woman I knew who was married to a vicar had a huge abode.

All these were in different areas so you may be right.
Ah well you see, I grew up in the darkest dreariest parts of East London. I aint�nt gentrified like what you is.
Aaaah yes. A council estate is much nicer when it is in the heart of a village in Surrey *what*.

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