Sexual Discrimination

Which religion has the worst record for sexual discrimination?
10:32 Thu 15th Mar 2012
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Any religion that makes (or expects) women to cover themselves in material from head to toe when they are out or to have to walk behind men or they are not allowed to drive or they are denied schooling or cannot enter certain professions etc
Would that be the Mormons, Grasscarp?
I am not naming religions at all. I am only sorry that women are still so put down around the world.
I don't have statistics, but overall my guess would be Islam. That's the answer you expected isn't it, Father Ted?
Question Author
I really don't know what to expect, Islam does have a dreadful reputation for sexual descrimination, but it surely cannot be the worst, that would be a terrible indictment of it's followers. There must be some Muslims who could provide evidence to contradict the popular perception of Islam as a wicked religion.
There are many Muslims who are averse to the things which many people associate with Muslims; they just don't make headlines like the hardliners.
But presumably not enough to make any difference?
Women walking 5 paces behind their men in a country awash with IED's seems like a smarveto me
*smart move*
I have Muslim friends, the wife is not 'covered from head to foot', she doesn't 'walk behind her husband' and she's a rather high flying city lawyer, as i imagine are plenty of Muslims. just like not all Christian women dress like the ladies from the Plymouth Brethern so it is too for Muslims and those of other religions.
All I will say is any religion whereby the people you are talking about are fundamentalist nutters will be found to be discriminatory be it Muslim, Christian, Jewish etc- it's the mania of the individual not the religion itself.
Mrs O, I've heard that joke too - and it made me laugh.
OP in my view, in their different ways and cultural contexts, most organised religions are in a race to the bottom on this question.
Nox, I have a Muslim friend too who is quite a high flier, is married to an English man, and is not covered from head to foot - but there are plenty who aren't like her - hence my answer to the question.
All of the things grasscarp listed there shows how much people know about Islam. But then on the other hand it would have to be Islam otherwise people would not agree because they all know what would be an acceptable answer.
Keyplus, so which religion would you nominate?
Keyplus, are you saying that muslims don't do the things grasscarp listed?
no idea which religion would be the worst ....

Ive never walked behind my husband, i walk at the side of him and he insists i walk on the inside away from the road cos its safer. Of course thats personal...

Most people on here saw the words sexual discrimination and immediately thought of it against the woman, so as a muslim woman ..... I don't have to work if i don't want to as its a husbands duty to provide for his wife and family. Any money I have is my own, I don't have to contribute to the household and can do as I like with it. Woman may get lesser percentage inheritance which to a lot of people sounds bad but men have a duty to provide for their family whereas the womans percent of it would just be for her to spend as she wants. I do cover up and wear hijab (i like it, it gives complete feeling of freedom) but men are required to cover up to an extent too, in a lot of countries men cover their head as well as women.....

its such a hard life keeping the house tidy, making something nice for dinner (which just about everyone does) and spending the rest of the time enjoying (in my case) the grandkids, relaxing round the house, socialising with friends......
Atheism - as to the suppression of men, probably rightfully so.
Pixi, wonderful, but you don’t speak as a Muslim woman born into an eastern culture, so quite frankly, you are not qualified to speak for those that are.
Don't like the fact that Roman Catholic hierarchy totally dismiss the idea of ordaining women.It's not even up for discussion.

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