There are films made about it, politicians talk about it, people talk about it, - Armageddon.So just what is it?

It is only mentioned once in the Bible. So what exactly is Armageddon and why is it feared by some?
08:48 Wed 15th Feb 2012
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"It is only mentioned once in the Bible"

what about meggido then ? i'm sure the two are linked. isn't this bible story just a rehash of an old battle that took place thousands of years before the bible was cobbled together .....?

a bit like war world one being the war to end all wars.....
It is a metaphor for worldwide destruction based on exaggerated historical events. You knew that anyway but just asked the question as an intro. to another bout of cutting and pasting, so, get on with it, end our suspense.
It is a time when members of {insert your bigotted Abrahamic belief system} are the only survivors of the greatest massacre in history.

I am concerned about it because many of the believers anxiously await to experience it in their own lives. Many actively work toward bringing it on. They abhor the idea of a world working toward peace because they believe only through their god's glorious slaughter and the ensuing fascist dictatorship will the world ever be right.
Truthabounds, //just what is it?//

The answer to your question depends to a degree upon which religion you happen to have chosen. Since I have no religion, in my opinion it's total hogwash.
Shocking typo Truthabounds, surely you mean Armadillo?
Question Author
The word Har Magedon is taken from the Hebrew and means Mountain of Megiddo or Mountain of Assembly of Troops. There is no literal Mountain of Megiddo; only a mound about 70 feet (21 m) high where ruins of ancient Megiddo are found.

The plain below Megiddo was the site of decisive wars hence the use of the name.

The reference to Megiddo - which means Assembly of Troops - is appropriate because Armageddon is a world situation in which the troops and other supporters of the rulers of all nations will be involved.

Naomi@ doesn't matter whether you have a religion or not, you will still be affected.

Beso@ Humans cannot bring it on only Almighty God will do that. The Bible associates the name, not with a nuclear holocaust, but with the coming universal “war of the great day of God the Almighty.” (Rev. 16:14, 16)
It is only then will the world know true and real peace. A peace that will be everlasting and no one will ever again be in a position to jeopardize world peace. It will not be a dictatorship but a Kingdom with a King and a government but a worldwide one and not one covering only a few thousand square miles.
Truthabounds, // Naomi@ doesn't matter whether you have a religion or not, you will still be affected. //

How dare you make such a definite statement? What qualifies you to implant fear into the hearts and minds of the gullible regardless of the damage you may cause? An unfounded belief in the veracity of the inane ramblings of superstitious, backward, men who lived long before our time? Tell me – and whilst you’re at it, tell me what happened to your own ability to rationalise. If your God existed and truly wanted to see a peaceful world, he’d have thought twice before creating what he created. This arrogance makes me angry. You’re a dangerous man!
What seems quite scary to me is that people who hold such fundamentalist views of the bible seem almost to relish the thought of a coming armageddon - forecast in the bible, must be true, harbinger of true peace and all - This is what makes me very uneasy when presidential candidates outdo each other with religious rhetoric in an effort to attract the conservative christian vote.

Its bad enough we have zealots from various faiths killing each other with small arms and conventional warfare - an absolute nightmare scenario is having a fundie in the White House with their finger on the nuclear button......

Fortunately, the overwhelmingly vast majority of people, including those who describe themselves as having faith, recognise the inanity of a literal interpretation of the bible - those believers who do believe with such fervour are, thankfully, in the tiny minority.
i won't be affected
//those believers who do believe with such fervour are, thankfully, in the tiny minority. //

I'm not so sure, LG. Apart from the JWs, there are plenty of the Born Again variety around who are looking forward to the happy day.
Question Author
Naomi@ It is not what I say, but the words of the Apostle John. And yes, every single person here on earth will be affected. You and I, whether we want to or not. It is not to be feared. It should be a time to rejoice because we will then have a peaceful united world.
The world today is not what was created. It is what man has done. He has the knowledge, the intelligence but he has misused it.
As an illustration: If you had a son you gave him everything he needs, all you ask if that he respect you, love and obey you. If after a while he began to mis use what you gave him, slandered you and finally destroyed your family - what would be your reaction?
Question Author
Sorry but you will be affected. Everyone on earth no matter what position they hold, whether it be the Queen of England, The Pope or the poorest tramp/homeless person around.
<<It should be a time to rejoice...>>
Truthabounds, two questions.
Your starter for ten, Armageddon means the destruction of everybody who is not a JW, doesn't it?
And now a more difficult bonus: when is this going to happen?
Ahem...what a JW?
JW- Jehovahs Witness- God-botherers - those strange-looking,nitwits.who constantly knock at your door,and who don"t have the wit to question the things they have been Brain-washed by..
Well i hope Armageddon doesn't happen until i finish the bathroom, otherwise the Mrs will go ballistic. LOL
We've got mormons and npower doing that round here general
Truthabounds, //every single person here on earth will be affected.//

How can you say with any conviction that this will happen?

//The world today is not what was created. It is what man has done. He has the knowledge, the intelligence but he has misused it.//

No. That is an utter cop out. If you claim your God is omniscient, then he knew precisely what would happen before he created man . I’ve raised this issue with you before – but you’ve ignored it. Perhaps you will address it this time.

As to any son I might have, his actions may sadden me greatly, but I wouldn’t condemn him to eternal damnation under any circumstances. My loved ones don’t live under duress. Their love for me is given freely. Your God doesn’t understand that genuine love cannot be bought or traded, and so the only way he can assure himself of your obedience is to beat you into submission with threats of dire consequences. He doesn’t know the meaning of love – and if you think it’s acceptable for any parent to treat a child as you’ve suggested, neither do you. I actually feel very sorry for you.
No need to apologise Truthabounds, no need to feel in any way responsible, we sympathise with you but at least you will never know that you are completely wrong so that must be a comfort. Haven't you realised that 'going to heaven' is a metphor for 'dying in happy ignorance'.
God works in mysterious ways, my typing to confound.

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