Lord Jagannath.

Any Theists on here that think these spiritual villagers are nuts?

05:30 Thu 09th Feb 2012
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Hi Boxtops, I agree with you completely, The big problem with most religions is the 'elephant in the room'. Believers will argue 'til doomsday over trivial and irrelevant issues and completely fail to see that their beliefs have no foundation at all, so all their argument amounts to nothing.
Boxy, you're right. However, the worrying thing is, this man’s audience was quite liberal in its enthusiastic applause, so I can only assume his admirers are left speechless for entirely the wrong reasons.
naomi. quit acting like you do not use sarcasm.

you havent explained why he is wrong.

//Sith, I can’t be bothered to dissect this man’s relentless and ill-informed diatribe in great detail for you//

you cannot be bothered to explain. please do.

boxtops. i am not narrow-minded.
Sith, read my post again.
even worse. In that case why did you say that i cannot be bothered when you have? plus how do you know there clapping or left silent because of the wrong reasons? let me guess... because his views do not fit yours?
lol...what happened to my pic???
Sith, do you actually read other people’s posts? No, his views do not fit mine. I certainly wouldn't applaud him for telling me that Sir Francis Drake discovered the earth is round.

If you want to learn, research his claims for yourself - without referring to the Koran.
one question. who are you naomi? you act like you know everything. are you a teacher or what?
Sith, mind your own business. My private life is just that - private.
so youre not a teacher? because if you were you would have said. Im not asking for anything private, i do not want to know anything private, i just want to know why you are apparently so superior:)
No, I wouldn't have said. My private life is private.
whatever floats your boat

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