Voting with their feet?

I hear on Radio 4 that the Liberal Democrat candidate in a by-election has come 6th (from 2nd) last time out. What can voters be thinking?
07:33 Fri 04th Mar 2011
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The commentators advise that this is a response to the Lib-Dem's part in the current swingeing cuts which are deeply affecting the nation - coupled with a very low turnout.

As one journalist put it - the LD's will be keen to forget about last night - unless it is not simply a horrible one-off, and becomes a trend for the future. The next set of council elections will see where the nation's thinking really lies.
They are thinking that OK Gordon Brown wrecked our economy as labour governments always do but we will kick the libdems because we can.
As it was Baaarnsley.........where the Labour candidate merely extended their majority I hardly think it is the swingeing blow for the LibDems as is being touted this morning.

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