What is the circular, dome part on the roof of a mosque called?

What is the circular, dome part on the roof of a mosque called? Do they have a specific name? The round parts � sometimes just one, sometimes several, that sit on the top of the flat roof of a mosque.

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09:38 Thu 19th Apr 2007
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I think they are just called domes, Kitty. Or it could be a minaret...but i think they may possibly be the large towers behind the dome.
Yes, they are just called domes.
The Arabic word for dome I believe is Qubbat.

The minarets are the �calling towers� or originally the torch-lit watchtowers not the dome, from the Arabic �manara� meaning lighthouse (or literally - the place where fire burns).
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Thank you for the quick responses. So, is it a term, as in, that part is called 'the dome' of the mosque, or could I say 'the domed roof of the mosque'? I'm writing an article so I need to get it right! Thanks again.
Not all the roof will be domed, so you would probably say the �dome of the mosque�.
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