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magpie | 18:10 Fri 19th May 2017 | Society & Culture
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as a left of centre believer who the hell am i going to vote for in this election? once the tories are in i am sure that they will revert to their normal position of looking after their friends. corbyn lives in cloud cuckoo land. farron is a total loser i wouldn't trust him to look after my dog! seeing i couldn't vote for snp or rather i wouldn't what is a boy going to do? abstinence seems my best course of action!


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I don't think you are alone in finding this a very hard decision to make - it is the first time in a long time that I have dithered so much.

I have made a choice and will stand by it.
I'm also left-of-centre and have very few options. Fortunately local factors make my choice easier. If I were voting exclusively based on national issues then I'd probably opt for Labour but only with reluctance.

If you're really stuck, I guess you'll just have to vote based on who you like the least and stop them winning your constituency... good luck with that if you don't live in a marginal seat though.
I don't think abstinence is a good idea (!). You may a stiff drink on June 8/9 ...
The LibDems seem an obvious choice TBH, as long as you accept that they aren't going to win. No party or leader is perfect but if you won't vote for them either then I guess the Greens if they float your boat.
You could try looking more closely at the actual candidates in your constituency (assuming you don't live in Westmorland and Lonsdale!) to see if anyone appeals on a more personal level
Surely it's been a difficult decidion, at least since the rise of Blair and Blairism. Luckily, until we are finally out of the EU, there is a party one can vote for both in good conscience, and knowing they're most unlikely to form a government.

Reality dictates one must accept a right wing government next anyway, and until the left drops the idea of controlling and monitoring free citizens by trying to impose compulsory papers/id cards they will remain difficult to trust.

In reality there will be no party, and I fear, no individual, worthy of supporting. But when they bring in compulsory proof of id in order to vote the % voting will drop so much, you dropping out too won't be noticed. We'll have all gone to hell in a handbasket and even Brexit won't be able to compensate.
"until the left drops the idea of controlling and monitoring free citizens"

Because the Tories would never do anything like that, yeah?
Vote Tory. You know it makes sense.
The point was about why the Labour party was still untrustworthy. The rest is a given.
And the reply was that they're no more or less (un)trustworthy than the Tories. Both as loathsome as each other.
Think of it like asking yourself who you would like to look after your business while you went away for a year.

Do you want to come back and find that the business has folded and also left you a mountain of debt. Vote Labour.

Do you want to come back and find that the business is much as you left it. Some things have got a bit better, some things have got a bit worse. Vote Tory.
"your business"

And that pretty much sums it up! See, not everyone owns a business! Believe it or not, divebuddy, there are actually poor people in this country who aren't business owners with sufficient wealth to be able to afford to go away for a year! Quite a lot of them, actually! What are the Tories going to do for them? God help them if they get old. Or ill.
Murdo. OK. Think of "business" in the sense of "affairs", as in "concerns".

If you want to find yourself bankrupt; vote Labour.

If you would like to keep most of your money: vote Tory.
And what if you don't have any money because you're drowning in dent from a student loan or you're a single parent living from hand to mouth?

Perhaps a better line would be "If you're rich, vote Tory so that you'll get even richer"?
^^^^^^ And who introduced Tuition Fees with the "Teaching and Higher Education Act" (1998).

That'll be Labour (under Tony Blair).
Yes, I'm perfectly aware of that! As I said, both Labour and Conservative are as loathsome as each other.

Oxen and wain-ropes would not bring me to vote Tory - there isn't enough soap in the world to wash that off - but I don't think I can with any conscience vote Labour this time.

Officially undecided.

I quite like the Conservatives, don't agree with them 100% but think I will stick with them, there really is no viable alternative imo.
That's it in a nutshell Baldric.
“And what if you don't have any money because you're drowning in dent from a student loan…”

Make sure you don’t earn more than £21k. Then you don’t have to pay back a penny. (Neither the potential debt nor the repayment arrangements should have come as a surprise. They were well known when you decided to go to university).

“…or you're a single parent living from hand to mouth?”

Perhaps pursue the father(s) or mother(s) of your child(ren) for support.

“And who introduced Tuition Fees with the "Teaching and Higher Education Act" (1998).

That'll be Labour (under Tony Blair).”

And of course, at the same time, encouraged tens of thousands of young people to undertake degree courses which they did not need and which would be of no benefit to them whatsoever.
Good luck with your decision Magpie.
NJ. I hope you are not suggesting that any employer would be less than super keen to take on someone with a degree in "Beatles Studies" awarded by Luton University.

Seriously. In my day it didn't really matter what degree you had, having any degree demonstrated a certain amount of effort, commitment and ability. And it didn't really matter which University (well it did a bit) because they were all proper Universities.
Yes I think you've got my drift precisely, db.

Having a degree forty years ago meant you were academically (and probably intellectually) a cut above average - probably in the top 10%. Today, unless it is from a reputable establishment in a sensible subject, all it means is that you stuck out a three year course because that's what you were told you had to do - and foolishly you believed it.

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