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my son has had his facebook account hacked by a 'friend' who he has fallen out with. This idiot is sending stuff to people, pretending it's him.
I have told him he should report it but he says there's no proof that it's him.
It's really upsetting and the things he's saying are awful.
What can he do?
17:36 Mon 12th Mar 2012
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report report report
How awful, some people will stop at nothing. He could send a private message to all his contacts and explain the situation and that he will delete his account and make a new one, he must remember to change his password every few months too.....
Has he regained access to his own Facebook page?

If so, change the password straight away to something impossible to guess by moronic friends, put out a message apologising for anything people have seen or received saying his page was hacked (but not by who) and forget it.
He has to report it and tell Facebook that he would like to reset his password as someone else currently has control of the account.
Hacking is illegal. Report it to the police.
Don't you think the police have better things to do than deal with a school boy fall out? not belittling things Crisgal, but unless your son is being regularly harassed by this lad then I would say let it be water under the bridge.
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It's certainly not a school boy fall out. They are both over18 and the things this idiot are dating ate very damaging and upsetting.
He should change his password and security question at the very least and email xx
well that guy is not a "friend". change your password, report it definetly and block him.

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