Sharia Law

Charlie Hebdo a French satirical weekly had its premises burned down after publishing a spoof 'sharia' issue. Can anybody suggest who the culprits might be because the French police just cannot think what the motive could be.
17:42 Wed 02nd Nov 2011
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probably did it themselves to drum up ever-dwindling publicity and consistently dropping sales figures.
If so I hope they were insured. They claim they have nothing left to produce a paper with now. Playing with fire.
Perhaps Total Petroleum advertising its wares?
so no one minds, what if it were the equivalent, Private Eye, they are known to court controversy, would people be so flippant then, or someone had died in the fire.
You do not mess with those guys, unless you mean to stop them permanently.
nobody did die though , em.....

to be fair to the police there could be others out there, other than the obvious, the equivalent of the French EDL or some anti Iranian group, Le Front National or some splinter Le Pen group?
DT, no one died, but if they had would some be so flip, i doubt it. Hasn't anyone owned up yet, or they too cowardly to do that.
Do zey zink ze minkey did it?
It was not the minkey - they had no leesonce for it.
The French government mind very much Em. As they said today, France prides herself on her free press and all organisations, religious or secular, are open to the media.
I'm still waiting to see the Danish cartoons reprinted in something like Private Eye.
Press solidarity, and all that.
well the muzzies have never had much of a sense of humour. Another belter from the religion of peace!

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