If Yorkshire is the shire of York,Worcestershire is the shire of Worcester & Lincolnshire is the shire of Lincoln. Where the hell is Hamp & Berk ?
15:29 Mon 07th Nov 2011
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Old English ''Hamm'' or ''Homm'' = water meadow, so Hampshire is the shire of the water meadows.
Berkshire, supposedly from a 9th century town within the present county named Berocsire.
Hampshire was originally Southamptonshire, named after, would you believe, Southampton. http://www.visionofbr...ge.jsp?text_id=929180
I've looked at a couple of reference books and discovered that the county may have been called "Hamptonshire" rather that "Southamptonshire" but that city was the source of the name.
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Thanks heathfield & jonathan-joe for your answers.Knowledge is a wonderful thing and I love learning. Ta!.

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