Watch battery replacement

Is there a way to get the back back on my watch!
I took it off to replace the battery which is working fine now - but there is no way I can get the back on. I have tried putting the back in the freezer to cool it - but this made no difference - it should just 'pop' on. Is there a special tool or device I could buy to do this job - as I have quite a few watches to do. Thanks
20:39 Sun 02nd Dec 2007
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Look very closely for notches or indentations on the body of the watch and the back of it that should line up. Carefully align them, and then place the watch (back-down) on a solid surface. Press FIRMLY on the watch face and it should snap together.
I should add that you press using your thumbs placed near the edges of the watch face......not directly in the middle of it.
Use a small vice.
This may sound daft n i dont mean it to but......
perhaps the back needs to slightly expand rather than contract therefore try heating up that part instead........

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