Non-Scented De-odourant

Could anyone recommend a decent non-scented de-odourant please? Ta very muchly in advance.
09:04 Mon 14th Jun 2010
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This from holland and barret, kills all germs, leaves no odours, doesn't leave marks on clothing, under a fiver and lasts a year!

Question Author
Thanks Bigfoot - looks ideal xx
Glad to help.
you can't get non scented deodorants the whole point of deodorant is that it de-odiurizes you by covering sweat up with another smell.
You can get non-scented anti-perspirants, which work by stopping you sweating in the first place
I use dove roll on joeyjake- don't think it has any smell and is effective.
I tried one of those crystal stick deodorants as mentioned above once. It neutralises the odours but isn`t an antipersperant. I never got used to the sticky feeling under my arms as it doesn`t stop you sweating
Question Author
Thanks for subsequent responses. I'm trying to find something that doesn't mask the smell of perfume etc - thank you for the science lesson Bednobs. Sorry I'm not as clever as you.
i was actually trying to be helpful - if you are searching (for example online) and can't find anything, that's why.
wasn't trying to be superior at all
Does anyone still use Mum Rollette? I am sure I still smell it on some people as they walk past. Makes me want to gag.

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