How do you pronounce Smythson?

Please help me settle an argument at work! How do you pronounce Smythson (as in the very posh leather goods shop)? Is it like Smithson or Sm 'eye' thson if you get what I mean?
14:30 Thu 08th Nov 2007
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I would say Smithson an I is right posh, me.
Actually, why not ring them and listen to how they say their name on the phone.
You definitely ain't as posh as wot I is.....and I say it's Brantano!!
Bet I is so as posh as wot you is dave if not even betterer!
Nothing wosser than betterer!
Is you sayin I is fick icemaiden?
-- answer removed --
Not at all wp - thought you were very funny!

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