Where can I buy Sunlight soap?

Woolworths used to sell it, now I can't find it any where. Any ideas? TIA
23:26 Fri 17th Nov 2006
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I might be wrong, but I suspect that Sunlight soap is no longer manufactured.

It was a Unilever product. The drop-down menu for 'product information', on their website, includes such 'old-fashioned' names as Lux, Omo and Lifebuoy, but Sunlight is not listed.


PS: For a definitive answer, contact Unilever using the form here:
http://www.unilever.com/resources/contactus.as p

Google Sunlight soap and it will come up, you will find two bars for �1.95
I work for the Port Sunlight Village Trust and we run a village museum called Sunlight Vision.

We sell Sunlight Soap. Visit www.portsunlightvillage.com
or telephone 0151 644 6466.

We also sell Lifebouy and Vinolia.
Sunlight Soap has always been manufactured somewhere in the world.
It has never been discontinued worldwide.

It is available for shipping anywhere from JUPITER IMPORTS (UK)
www.sunlightsoap.co.uk / www.lifebuoy.co.uk

The Sunlight Soap available from the Port Sunlight Shop is not like the original, the Sunlight Soap sold there has no aroma.


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