Moschino belt

Did any of you ladies have one when they were first out!?

I kind of want one. Expensive though.

Tourturing myself online browsing here!!!!!! Grrr

Love vintage x
17:38 Tue 03rd Apr 2012
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I have one, worn it once I think.
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I now feel very old. To think that the contents of my wardrobe are classed as vintage.

God only knows what you'd make of my Patrick Cox Wannabe loafers in lavender snakeskin.
I have one, worn it once I think.
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Im jelous :0(((

Get it on ebay have you seen what they are selling for!? Im just about to beg mum for one for my birthday!!!! Lol eccles ill have to google those! I love vintage been looking aaaaalll day xx
You might find something similar on google but not the actual shoes. They were a press sample and never made for retail.

Perhaps I should put them on EBay?????
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Eccles you could make a fortune i bet.

Ive been salivating over ebay all afternoon x
Question Author!! X

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