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I ordered some stuff on eBay from a business seller (ove 1500 positive feedbacks) and the stuff hasn't come. I sent them an email and they responded saying that all items are despatched within 2 days (I ordered the stuff on 22 February and it is NOT marked as despatched) - what should I do now? Thanks (it's only £11 worth of stuff but it is the principle of the matter.)
19:37 Thu 08th Mar 2012
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Dispatched ^ even
Report it to e-bay
Contact them once more to confirm you have not received the item, if they do not offer to send a replacement or refund your money then open a case for item not received via the resolution centre within Ebay.
I would send them another message. Tell them it hasn't been marked as despatched, and you haven't received it, so can they please provide you with the postal tracking number. If they can't do that, you can open an 'item not received' with ebay and get your money back (did you pay via paypal?)
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Thanks both. Think I will give them one more chance, could be an honest mistake if they are selling loads of stuff.
as daffy said,
Open a case for item not received via the resolution centre within Ebay.
If you have contacted them at least once with no joy, open a dispute now.
No harm will be done and it will NOT reflect bad on you.
Don't give them the benefit of the doubt, sher - open a dispute. It should have arrived by now. I had this problem a couple of weeks ago, I emailed them in the end and said if it hadn't arrived by Friday I would open a dispute for non-delivery. It arrived on Thursday, but only posted on the Monday when I chased it. You have to mean what you say and follow through if it hasn't come by the deadline.
If you paid by Pay Pal then contact them. They are very good at sorting this kiind of think and may refund your money
That's another option, carol - if the seller has a proof of posting and it's got lost, they won't lose out.
I would email them again - give them a chance. If the result is unsatisfactory, then open a dispute
Make sure you keep your Emails for proof Sherrardk.
If you are contacting them through eBay, it'll stay in your message box for weeks.
Was the seller based in uk or some weird country? As said previously open a case but I would say they will come.
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Because I am soft, I sent them another message and they replied saying they would send me (by email) a copy of the proof of posting so I am now going to open a dispute thingy.
Nah, just open a case through ebay, get them involved.
It's the seller who needs to provide the proof of posting to eBay/PayPal, sher - when I had a problem recently, I had to scan the proof of posting and insert it on the PayPal report form. You open the dispute by all means, but eBay will contact them to find out all the details. Not up to you - it's up to the seller to come up with evidence (and if it's gone missing in the post, it's the seller who has to fill in the Royal Mail claim forms and send the POP as evidence).
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Opened a case now - thi they were trying to pull a fast one. Thanks for the advice.

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